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Here is the audio version of a sermon I recently preached titled "Thinking About Prayer". Enjoy.

Below is a sermon I delivered recently titled "The Beginning". It is part 1 of a 2 part series calld "The Beginning & The End". In addition to this audio sermon, I will try to have its follow-up posted next week, after it is delivered. Enjoy.

Here's a sermon I preached recently titled "Lessening". The main scripture referenced is Mk. 14.1-11. Give it a listen and be blessed.


Reflectin (A spur of the moment rap song by Michael Halcomb)

Here's a song that a friend and I (Chris Deering) recorded back in college. We borrowed Paul Baloche's "Praise Adonai" chorus, Nas's "If I Ruled the World" beat and added to those, our own lyrics. We had a lot of fun doing this; we actually performed it for over 700 people once. Good times! Give it a listen. "Praise Adonai"

Fifty Stories: "Exit Wounds"

Here's a prank phone call that a friend and I made back in college. We called a video store asking for some pseudo film titles but as time went on, the call turned into something else entirely. Give the whole thing a listen; I think it's funny anyway (may take a few seconds to load). Prank Phone Call: "Movie Rentals"

Here's an audio version of my testimony that I gave in the Spring of 2009 at the church I was attending. It was part of a series called "Kingdom Testimonies":


Here's a video of me about 6 years ago perfoming a song I wrote titled "Wings of Angels"; this was during a Church gathering on a Sunday morning. Fun stuff.

Here's a "spoken word" I came up with some time ago. There are a few lines in here that I just love. Let me know what you think. Enjoy.

I spent an entire year collecting George Bush bloopers. I recently uploaded the 22 minutes worth of bloopers to GoogleVid but it lopped off like 19 minutes. So, below are the first 3 minutes of the bloopers. Give it a watch!

Here's a short cartoon I made:


Ever wonder what a football referee's signals mean? Then download my "Football Officiating Module" and find out. The program is set up like a flash card system that allows you to get a good grasp on or even memorize the signals. This is created for officials but is free for public use as well. It is free for download and distribution by clicking the following link:

Football Officiating Signals Module 1.0

Youth Ministry / Youth Group Tool

Here's a free (flash) guitar tuner that I created:


As of 05/25/08, this is the books listed in my personal library; totaling 1,716 (click icon to get .pdf file).

Here's a copy of my "Farewell Sermon" that I preached at the Church where I served for over 5 years.


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